Training hangboard 

The flagship of our hangboards. The Problemsolver Training Hangboard comes with a wide range of fixed holds, ranging from 19 mm down to 11 mm. Using the 3 mm inserts, the holds can be adjusted even more. The fixed holds makes it easy for you to quickly change the size of the hold and to keep track of your progression. The add-on feature on the backside enables you to add holds so you can train all types of grip positions. Read more about it here.  This workhorse is designed to manage...

XL Training Hangboard

If you prefer bigger holds with a rounder edge than on the standard Training Hangboard, this is the fingerboard for you. The holds range from 25 mm down to XX mm. This fingerboard is equipped with 5 mm inserts, so you can vary the hold sizes even more. The XL Training Hangboard also have the add-on feature on the backside for adding holds of your choice. 

Hanzo Hangboard

The Hanzo Hangboard is so small and slim that it easily fits into your backpack. That makes it the perfect option for the traveller who want to be able to train finger strength wherever they are, or use it at the crag to get a proper  warm up before climbing. The Hanzo can be mounted/used in several different ways to make the holds (either) easier or harder to hang on. With the Flip-function and the fact that each hold comes with two different rounding, you get a very versatile training tool on a small board. You can literally hang this board anywhere, 

XL HANZO Hangboard

The XL Hanzo is a thicker version of the standard Hanzo Hangboard. With holds from 25 mm down to XX mm, this board is suitable for everyone. 





The Problemsolver Grip Tool is the Swiss army knife of our training devices. On this set you can train different l types of grip positions like pinch, crimp and open hand  just by changing on how you hang them.  Just spin them around a training bar and you´re ready to go!



The Triangle is a very versatile training tool. You can use it on a lot of different weight sources and train a lot of different grip positions on this device. The options are many and the choice is yours.

The Triangle is pre-equipped with four inset holds. The one, two and three finger pockets have a very smooth rounding on the edge, great for open hand training, whereas the four finger hold is suitable for open crimp training. The depth on four finger hold can be adjusted with our 5 mm inserts. You can easily switch between the different holds just by rotating the device. The Triangle can be tilted in three positions, to make the inset holds easier or harder to grip. Put two Triangles together and get a brick hold for pinch grip training. 


A great method for training grip strength on the Triangle is to add weight directly onto the device (no-hang) and perform a deadlift. By doing this you can choose the right work load and target your weakest link in a controlled manner. No-hang training is a great method to work below your bodyweight, great for beginner and intermediate climber who find conventional hang board training too aggressive. You can also use the Triangle together with cable pull machines, resistance bands/straps or your own body weight.

We developed the Triangle together with Aloma naprapathy, who specializes in climbing related injuries, as a rehab tool for climbers that, due to overstrain etc, can´t do regular hang board training but still want to continue grip strength training. During the process we´ve come to realize the potential for this device and that other climbers  would benefit greatly from using the Triangle.





If you have any special requirements, we are happy to help you customize your hangboard.


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