Organic Crash Pads

Organic Climbing are famous for making the best and the most eye-catching crash pads on the market. The products are designed to be functional, durable and unique without any unnecessary features. Each piece is crafted with simplicity and longevity in mind. Take a look at our selection of Big, Simple, Combo and Spot pads

Chosen BEST IN CLASS 2017
by Gear Institute


Chalk Bags

The small scale of production allows Organic to focus on adding a one-of-a-kind touch on every single product. The splashes of accent colors are created by recycled cutting room scraps, ensuring that nothing goes to waste. 



Simple and clean, with an ergonomic design that will provide an optimal comfort, sums up these functional backpacks. As always with the unique Organic color twist.

Organic roll down pac

Blubber Pad

Cover the seams between your stacked pads. This large pad covers a big area and quickly folds down, easy to tuck under the pocket flap of a Full Pad or under the Load Flap 


“Organic has become the pad by which all other pads are measured.”

  - Climbing Magazine                          

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